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TMJ/TMD Treamtent Options In Bucks County

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TMJ Treatment

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, 10 million Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (known as TMD). If you are one of them, you are likely frustrated with the pain caused by this condition. The term TMD comprises a variety of conditions that affect your jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and nerves associated with chronic facial pain. The causes of TMD are still being debated, but many experts believe that certain mental or physical tasks (and stress) can cause or aggravate your TMD symptoms. If you overuse your TMJ muscles — for example, by constantly grinding or clenching your teeth — you may be prone to TMD pain.


Diagnosing TMJ/TMD

We use two primary TMJ/TMD diagnostic systems:

BioPak® is a type of joint vibration analysis system that helps to identify problematic jaw joint issues. During a joint vibration analysis session, sensors are placed over the temporomandibular joint. You will be asked to open and close your mouth in order to activate the joint. The sensors pick up and measure the vibrations; healthy joints produce few vibrations, while problematic joints produce more vibration feedback. The session is quick and virtually pain-free.

Tekscan® is a computerized bite analysis system. Using this technology, we can accurately evaluate your bite for unevenness, interferences and “high spots,” thus  reducing the risk of dental implant failure, traumatized teeth (which could eventually lead to root canal or tooth loss), unstable dentures, ineffective bridges or splints, fractures in your porcelain restorations and other bite-related problems that could lead to pain or discomfort.


Treatment of TMJ/TMD

We offer several types of treatments and therapies for TMJ pain and TMD. Everyone’s case is different and our patients have unique needs. TMJ treatment options include:

Splint Therapy: A plastic guard called a splint or bite plate may be crafted and placed over your upper and/or lower teeth to reduce teeth grinding and clenching, thereby easing muscle tension.

Bite Equilibration/Restoration: You may need to have a small bit of tooth structure removed or added to reshape your bite.

Trigger Point/Muscle Injection Therapy: Muscle tension or inflammation can be closely associated with TMD and migraine or tension headaches. Over-used muscles can be painful (myalgia) or cause referred head, neck, and orofacial pain. Injections with lidocaine and/or botulinum toxin (Botox(R) or Xeomin(R)) can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck pain.


Working With Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Acupuncturists

Some of our patients have experienced relief from chiropractic services, physical therapy and/or acupuncture. We are happy to work alongside fellow healthcare professionals to design a multifaceted treatment plan for you.

We may also recommend dietary changes and taking anti-inflammatory medications if you suffer from TMD. Eating only soft foods and/or taking aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen can ease TMJ pain.


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