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Your smile carries a significant impact and can leave a lasting impression. If you want to achieve a confident and radiant appearance, Bucks County Smiles is your destination for comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services in Yardley, PA. Our expertise in cosmetic dentistry and restorative solutions enables us to address issues like chipped, broken, discolored, crooked, or missing teeth and uneven gumlines.

Beyond aesthetic transformation, our cosmetic dentistry treatments contribute to long-term oral health improvements. Repairing chipped or broken teeth helps safeguard against potential tooth loss while addressing gumline irregularities signifies improved gum health. Realigning crooked teeth and replacing missing ones not only enhances your smile but also significantly enhances your bite functionality.

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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Bucks Country Smiles provides a variety of cosmetic and restorative treatments and use the latest in cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure our patients receive high-quality care. To minimize the need for several visits, we often combine treatments to accomplish more than one smile correction at a time.

You will receive a thorough exam during your consultation with our restoration dentist, and we will take digital images and discuss your treatment goals. Our dental team will create a detailed treatment plan and educate you on the best way to attain your goals. Every treatment plan is unique to your dental concerns and depends on the treatments required.

A crown is a “cap” placed on a tooth to restore its look and function. Our CEREC® same-day crowns allow you to receive metal-free, ceramic crowns to restore your smile on the day of your visit. A dental bridge can easily fix this imperfection if you are missing two or more teeth in a row. A crown is placed on either side of the gap of missing teeth, and the crowns hold a “bridge” of false teeth to fill the space.

Veneers are ideal for correcting discolored and chipped teeth to create a perfect, bright smile. Our veneers are made of a thin, durable ceramic material layered over the tooth’s surface. The veneer is designed to look natural and blend into the rest of your smile. This form of cosmetic dentistry is typically used for front-facing teeth. The results are stunning, and your veneers can last 10 years or more with proper care.

If your teeth are stained or yellow, we can help! Everyday habits can slowly stain your teeth, leaving them less than the ideal white we all aim for. Teeth whitening gently lifts this discoloration and leaves a bright, healthy-looking smile behind. Our restoration dentists offer at-home and in-office whitening services, depending on the level of whitening you require. Feel confident about your smile again, thanks to teeth whitening!

Thanks to orthodontics, crooked, overlapping, and gapped teeth can be easily fixed. Bucks County Smiles offers ground-breaking orthodontic systems like Invisalign® to correct teeth alignment. Invisalign takes anywhere from two to 36 months to use a series of clear aligners that are changed out regularly during treatment. Dr. Scholl and our team of restoration dentists are Invisalign certified and experienced in creating amazing smiles using orthodontics. Invisalign offers a barely visible orthodontic option ideal for patients with mild to moderate spacing and bite issues.

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