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Are you battling with a missing or broken tooth? At Bucks County Smiles, our CEREC® same-day dental crowns have helped patients all over the Yardley, PA, area restore their teeth immediately. We strongly encourage you not to wait to restore missing or broken teeth because it can lead to greater problems in the future. Broken and missing teeth often cause pain or discomfort while chewing and biting. As a result, many individuals cannot enjoy their favorite foods. Over time, you may experience shifting of the remaining teeth and jawbone deterioration.

Missing and broken teeth increase the risks of gum recession and periodontal disease, affecting your systemic health. Our dental team at Bucks County Smiles has the experience and training to help restore your teeth and prevent these harmful consequences. Our CEREC dental crown and dental bridge technology allows you to restore your teeth without the long wait times or bothering with dental impressions. If you have a missing or broken tooth, schedule your visit with Bucks County Smiles today to learn more about our CEREC dental bridges and crowns.

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Advantages of CEREC Crowns and Dental Bridges

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A New Smile in Just One Visit

Traditional tooth crowns, often called “tooth caps,” typically involve a two-step process, requiring two separate visits to the dental clinic. With innovative solutions from our in-office CEREC technology, our team has the ability to offer flexibility and versatility to our patients, transforming the process of crown restoration into one seamless and efficient appointment. Utilizing advanced Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), we begin by taking a digital scan of the affected area, eliminating the need for messy traditional impressions.

In the same visit, our CEREC system allows for the precise design and milling of a custom crown. This means no tedious waiting for a lab to fabricate the restoration and no inconvenience of wearing temporary crowns. With CEREC, you  benefit from a one-visit solution – a digital scan followed by the placement of a permanent crown, providing both convenience and high-quality dental care.

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Affordable Excellence and Elevated Smiles

Experience the convenience of same-day CEREC crowns and bridges in Yardley, PA, offering a lasting investment that can endure for years or even a lifetime with proper care. The enduring value justifies the initial undertaking, with financial considerations varying based on materials used and the extent of restoration needed.

Potential partial coverage from dental insurance makes CEREC crowns more accessible, and our diligent front office team will work with your insurance provider to determine coverage and potential costs. Enhancing affordability, we partner with reputable third-party financing entities, ensuring this innovative dentistry procedure fits your budget. Our commitment to personalized care and financial convenience paves the way for a lasting and remarkable smile.

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