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Restore Your Smile with Our Minimally Invasive Technique

Gum recession can affect the appearance of your smile and negatively impact your oral health. The gum tissue around your teeth reduces tooth sensitivity and protects the roots. However, if you notice gum recession, you may be a candidate for gum graft surgery or treatment. Receding gum treatment is now gentler, easier, and faster using Pinhole® Surgical Technique™ (PST™). Dr. Faust, in Yardley, PA, is fully trained to perform this minimally invasive procedure.

Gum recession is often the result of periodontal disease, but other causes, like aggressive brushing, can also be the culprit. Harmful bacteria can cause redness and inflammation of the gums and, if left untreated, cause gum recession as the gums begin to pull away from the tooth. Healthy gum tissue fits snuggly to the tooth, creating stability and preventing infection.

Once gum recession begins, the risks of infection and tooth decay increase. Receding gums treatment is necessary to correct gum recession and prevent future problems like tooth loss and bone degradation.

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What Causes Receding Gums?

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What is Pinhole Gum Surgery?

Our doctors may recommend the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) if you have lost some of your gum tissue from gum disease or other factors such as teeth grinding habits or by using the wrong tooth brushing technique. PST restores the gumline without incisions and sutures, making it an attractive noninvasive option if you’re looking for a receding gums treatment with immediate results. Traditional gum graft surgery requires the removal of healthy tissue from the palate and suturing it to the gumline. PST provides a noninvasive option that promotes quicker healing and less stress.

To perform this procedure, Dr. Faust makes a very small hole in the gum tissue, through which he uses special instruments to loosen the healthy gum tissue and move it to cover exposed root surfaces. The process is relatively simple and effective enough to restore the gum line without extensive surgery. With PST, Dr. Faust can treat several teeth in a single visit with pinhole gum surgery.

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Benefits of the Pinhole Gum Surgery

The Pinhole Surgical Technique Can Restore Your Beautiful, Healthy Smile!

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