Five Signs You Need to See a Dentist!

Regular dental appointments are crucial for both physical dental health as well as emotional happiness–after all, everybody wants to love their smile! At Buck’s County Smiles, a Yardley dentist practice that specializes in family dentistry, we believe that whether you need teeth whitening, treatment for cavities or any other service, you should call right away to schedule an appointment. However, many patients aren’t exactly sure when they need to see a dentist, and when to make an appointment. Whether you’re looking for a dentist Bucks county or just need general advice on when to make appointments, here are five signs that you need to see a dentist:

Your Teeth Become Sensitive to Heat or Cold

If coming in contact with ice or cold drinks, or hot foods, hurts your teeth, that’s a sign that you may have cavities or other dental issues such as painful wisdom teeth. If you experience tooth pain from heat or cold and live in the Yardley area, call dentist Bucks County Smiles right away, as our dentists can diagnose the issue.

Inflamed Gums

If your gums become inflamed or swollen, it’s time to make a dental appointment. Inflamed gums are usually caused by plaque buildup under the gum line, and can also be a sign of gingivitis or periodontitis. In order to treat the issue and prevent further issues, make an appointment as soon as you experience gum inflammation or pain.

You Have a Family History of Dental Issues

If your family has a history of gum disease, tooth decay, or other dental issues, you need to make sure you visit the dentist regularly. At Bucks County Smiles, we pride ourselves on family dentistry, so feel free to make a quick appointment for each member of the family if you feel the issue may be hereditary.

Constant Headaches

Many people don’t think of it as a dental issue, but frequent headaches may be a sign that you’re grinding your teeth in the night. If this is the case, make an appointment and talk to your dentist, who can provide you with a nighttime mouthguard if it seems likely that you’re grinding your teeth.

You Aren’t Happy with Your Smile

Loving your smile is important. At Bucks County Smiles, we have a genuine passion for helping our patients achieve a beautiful smile that they are happy with. Whether you desire teeth whitening to treat yellowed teeth or any other procedure to alter your smile, we’re happy to help. If you’re looking for a Yardley dentist to work on your smile, or to make an appointment for any other dental procedures or a regular checkup, Bucks County Smiles is ready and able to help.