Aesthetic Injectables in Yardley, PA

With our dedication to your total well-being, we are pleased to offer aesthetic injectables, such as Botox® or Juvederm®, as well as aesthetic dentistry at Bucks County Smiles in Yardley, PA.

What Are Aesthetic Injectables?

The term “aesthetic injectables'' refers to any cosmetic injection that can rejuvenate your appearance. Aesthetic injectables such as Botox® and Xeomin® can help provide a well-rested, refreshed look that is very natural. Fillers such as Botox® and Juvederm® can replace lost volume, make lips look more hydrated, and remove marionette lines. Our aesthetic injectables are safe and effective and can make your smile look terrific!

Why See a Dentist for Aesthetic Injectables?

Bucks County Smiles’ dentist, Dr. Kris Scholl, offers aesthetic injectables at our Yardley, PA, dental office. Why should you see a dentist for aesthetic injectables?

Dentists generally spend eight years earning a four-year medical doctorate degree. During that time, they become specialists in head and neck anatomy. In fact, they have many more hours of in-depth head and neck anatomy studies than many other health professionals. Because of this, dentists know how to create the ideal lip shape in harmony with the teeth and smile line.

Dentists also spend hours every day perfecting techniques of painless injections on thousands of patients. Our dentists have administered therapeutic botulinum toxin therapy for many dental issues, such as treating teeth clenching and grinding, as well as TMJ and headache pain. This requires extensive knowledge of how these treatments affect the appearance and function of the face.

Dr. Scholl, in particular, has pursued extensive post-doctoral training in facial aesthetic and injectable treatments. You can trust her to give you a premium treatment with the expertise of a doctor. Technicians at cosmetic spas simply cannot provide the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience as our highly trained dentists and smile experts at Bucks County Smiles.

What Kinds of Injectable Treatments Does Bucks County Smiles Offer?

We offer aesthetic injectable treatment of dynamic wrinkles such as horizontal forehead lines, between the brow lines (“elevens”), crow’s feet, dimpled chin, downturned corners of the mouth, water bottle lines around the lips, prominent neck bands, and bulging or “jowling” of the jawline.

We can restore volume with fillers to enable lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, and softening of the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

We also offer other specialty aesthetic procedures, such as the “lip flip,” “Nefertiti lift,” and treatment of gummy smiles.

Dr. Scholl can also administer a small amount of filler to the corners of the mouth to help resolve stubborn chapping/cracking in this area, which is a condition known as angular cheilitis.

Gummy Smile Treatment in Yardley, PA

Some of the procedures we offer don’t just have a cosmetic benefit. A gummy smile is when a person’s smile has a lot more gum than usual, with a lesser amount of teeth showing. For many, this can be embarrassing and unsightly, but it is easily remedied.

One of our aesthetic injectable treatments is gummy smile treatment with Botox®, which can be highly effective. Another safe and effective option we offer for gummy smiles is laser gum lifts. Dr. Scholl can explain the differences to you in your consultation and determine which approach would be best based on your personal needs and circumstances.

Getting Started With Aesthetic Injectables in Bucks County

Are you interested in upgrading your smile and refreshing your entire look? Aesthetic injectables may be the answer. Contact Dr. Scholl to learn more about aesthetic injectables, such as Botox® or Juvederm®, as well as aesthetic dentistry in Yardley, PA, at Bucks County Smiles.

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