Vitamin D Screening in Yardley, PA

At Bucks County Smiles, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced integrated health services available, including vitamin D screenings. By performing a vitamin D screening, we can gain a more clear picture of your vitamin levels and optimize them prior to a dental surgical procedure.

A vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a 300% increase in dental implant failure. Learn more about the vitamin D screening process in Yardley, PA and how it can boost your health and healing outcomes after surgery.

Why Should I Receive a Vitamin D Screening?

When discussing and planning certain dental procedures with our patients, the medical status of our patient is important. Not having optimal vitamin and antioxidant levels can affect healing outcomes and long-term success of surgical procedures. To assist with the healing process, we test vitamin D serum levels and provide supplements to boost important nutrients before and after dental surgery. Research has shown that observing vitamin D levels in regard to dental procedures is beneficial for proper healing and overall health.

For What Dental Treatments Do We Recommend a Prior Vitamin D Screening?

Research suggests that patients should be screened prior to certain surgical dental interventions, including:

  • Dental Implants
  • Other types of therapy requiring healing

What is the Vitamin D Screening Process?

If you have undergone blood panels with your primary physician in the last 3 months that measured vitamin D levels, we can contact them directly. If not, we will perform a vitamin D screening 2 months prior to your surgery appointment. The screening test takes less than 15 minutes and only uses a small amount of blood from your finger. If your level of vitamin D is determined to be low, we will recommend a regimen of supplements containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to encourage healing and support healthy bone and tissue.

What Causes a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Patients generally receive most of their vitamin D exposure through natural sunlight, but vitamin D can also be found in many foods. Foods high in vitamin D include many types of fish, egg yolks, and fortified dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. When a patient is not exposed to enough sunlight, and does not take in enough vitamin D in their diet, a deficiency can occur. Some patients may also not be able to properly absorb or utilize the vitamin D that they do take in.

In addition to increasing the rate of dental implant failure, vitamin D deficiency can contribute to many negative health outcomes including osteoporosis, depression, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Schedule a Vitamin D Screening

As integrative dental medicine providers, we at Bucks County Smiles recognize that vitamin D deficiency is one of the major contributing causes to health-related issues. More specifically, it has also been linked to a 300% increase in dental implant failure, and other dental-related complications.

Vitamin D screenings prior to oral surgery are a vital tool for maximizing wound healing and bone growth for patients. To schedule a consultation and learn more about how you can optimize your vitamin D levels, give us a call at (267) 365-3004.

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