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Smile Makeover & Smile Design in Bucks County

Smile Makeover & Design in Bucks County PA

Smile Design is a very specialized service which requires extensive training  and an in-depth understanding of form and function.   At Bucks County Smiles, we also believe that transforming someone’s smile is an art, and we go out of our way to ensure our patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

The veneer placement process is simple and usually involves two to four visits over the course of six to eight weeks. The process usually begins with a computerized “mock-up” of your smile to give you an idea of the results before we begin. Then, we take digital scans and photos to send to the lab for fabrication of a “wax-up” which we use to design your smile and temporary veneers. The next step is to prepare the teeth for the veneers; this may entail removing a small amount of tooth structure in order for the veneer to fit correctly and comfortably. At the conclusion of this appointment, you will leave with your new smile in temporary veneers. After several weeks of trying them out, you will return for the placement of the final restorations. We ensure a perfect fit and total satisfaction with the comfort and appearance of your new smile. Time of treatment can vary based on the complexity of your makeover.

What Can a Smile Makeover Address?

A smile makeover is tailored to your individual needs. Its purpose is to enhance the appearance and/or function of your smile. A smile makeover can address any one of the following concerns:
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Crooked or overlapping teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Stained, dark or dull teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Prominent gums or a “gummy smile”
  • Unhappiness with the appearance of your teeth or smile
A smile makeover combines several cosmetic and restorative dental procedures and treatments to help you achieve your goals. A bright, evenly spaced and aligned smile can make you look years younger and feel more confident socially and professionally. As a courtesy, we offer pre-treatment computer imaging as part of your initial consultation. This technology allows you to preview your smile makeover before starting treatment!

Smile Makeover Treatment Options

A smile makeover may consist of any combination of the following:
  • Orthodontics (e.g., Invisalign clear braces) to straighten and align your teeth
  • Porcelain veneers or crowns to fix minor chips, cracks, wear or misaligned teeth, “instant orthodontics”
  • Teeth whitening to brighten your smile
  • Dental bonding to close small spaces between your teeth
  • Dental bridgework and/or dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Laser gum recontouring to make your teeth appear longer and your gums less prominent
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