Oral Health & It’s Effect On Overall Systemic Health

Dentists tell people oral health is important. They have a vested professional interest in telling people this. If they could not create a need for improved oral health, they would not remain in business for long. However, dentists are not the only health professionals who stress the importance of taking care of the teeth and gums. Medical doctors know the importance of maintaining the teeth and the gums. It is important to keep the area as clean as possible to prevent inflammation and infection.

Understanding Your Oral Cleanliness

The human’s mouth contains billions of germs. This is no surprise. Human mouths provide a warm, moist dark environment favored by many bacteria. Before anyone panics over this bit of information, most of the germs are harmless. A few are beneficial. However, it is possible for infectious bacteria to make it beyond the oral cavity. An abscessed tooth improperly dealt with can lead to a massive bacterial infection. The massive bacterial infection can cause problems throughout the body. It can even lead in death.

Good oral health is even more important to people who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes, a condition in which the body cannot remove glucose from the blood properly, reduces the body’s natural resistances to harmful bacteria. The immune system does not effectively fight off its attackers. Decayed teeth and bleeding gums can become a real problem if a diabetic does not engage in proper oral hygeine.

Poor Oral Health & Bacteria

Proper oral hygiene has more than just health consequences, bacteria in the mouth also contribute to conditions like halitosis. Halitosis may not cause any harm to the body, although it can affect a person’s social life. It also fuels the sale of Listerine and many other mouthwashes. Bad breath, the common name for the condition, has been known throughout history. Even the ancient Romans complained about each other’s bad breath. Their words, somehow, survived to the present.

Massive bacterial infections are a major concern, but proper oral care reduces the chance of other infections getting into the body. Decayed teeth can also easily get infected. Humans helpfully put food for the bacteria growing there on a regular basis. The bacteria decompose the food. Sometimes they cannot tell the difference between the bits of food and a bad tooth. If the tooth is covered in a sugary substance, they start to eat it.

Start Good Teeth Cleaning Habits Today

It is important for an individual to brush his teeth on a regular basis. Almost any family dentist would recommend flossing, although a recent study suggested flossing may not be necessary. Using Listerine or mouthwash reduces the amount of bacteria in a person’s mouth. It does not completely eliminate them. The mouthwash, will, however, improve the smell of the user’s breath.

A person who is concerned about his oral health in Bucks County needs proper dental care. Regular visits to a family dentist are necessary for a person’s overall systemic health. He can even recommend oral surgery if it becomes necessary. Most people go through oral surgery at least once in their life. Wisdom teeth are a good example of something that can negatively impact a person’s health