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Laser DentistryLasers have advanced nearly every facet of medicine. Dentistry is no exception. Lasers are a great adjunct for some gum treatments and cavity removal. Lasers can also be used to detect cavities (see Diagnodent).

The gums are a crucial component of the perfect smile. The gums’ function in the overall appearance of the smile goes beyond holding the teeth in place. Gum tissue that extends too much over the top of the teeth can be unsightly and even unhealthy because it can lead to conditions such as gingivitis. A procedure known as a “gum lift” can uncover the natural beauty of your full smile and increase the overall health of your mouth.

Gum lifts can be used along with porcelain veneers to create an overall more aesthetically pleasing smile. Diagnodent allows dentists to find cavities in the early stages so extensive filling or dental crown work is not necessary. Maintaining healthy gums also prevents tooth loss and the need for dental implants or dentures.

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