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Muscle balance results in improved head position, posture, and alignment.

Full Mouth, Jaw, & Teeth Protection

Introducing Guardlab®

As the emerging leader in sports technology, Bucks County Smiles and GuardLab are using the latest in 3D technology to offer you the absolute best protection a mouthguard can provide.

The GuardLab mouthguard is a revolutionary new technology which uses the latest digital scanning, imaging and printing techniques to optimize a patient’s specific mouth and specific needs.


The Importance of a Balanced Bite

Through proprietary techniques and technology, GuardLab is able to accurately transfer your optimal and balanced bite position directly to your custom guard.

Accuracy is everything when it comes to the perfect custom fit.  Traditional dental impression materials simply cannot compete with GuardLab’s quality and precision.

Bucks County Smiles and GuardLab pride ourselves on accuracy, precision and finishing.

Our athletic mouthguards align the jaw to improve overall posture and alignment by balancing the muscles of the head and neck and removing compensation and adaptation of muscles. Our bite taking technique brings the lower jaw into a final position with minimal interference and accommodation. It offers the most comfortable, snug fitting mouthguard on the market.

Select, Scan, Done!

You customize a guard of your choice and book a scanning appointment.

We digitally scan your teeth in 3D and align the jaw into its optimal position.

We use 3D printers to build your custom guard and deliver to you on the spot.


Youth (17 & Under)

First Guard:   $150 (Includes 3D scan)

Additional Guards:   $100 (Lost a guard?  Replace it!)


Adult (18 & Over)

First Guard:   $250 (Includes 3D scan)

Additional Guards:   $125 (Lost a guard?  Replace it!)

Whether you’re a serious athlete, a weekend warrior or a child with a sports injury,
GuardLab protection may be right for you.

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