DIY Teeth Straightening is a Bad Idea!

When it comes to appearances, most people strive to look their best at all times, but this desire is more evident in teens and young adults than anyone else. In a dangerous trend that has been sweeping the nation, young people have been trying to use at-home teeth straightening techniques instead of Invisalign or traditional braces. To get the perfect smile, they often use rubber bands, paperclips or other tools to correct problems with their teeth without going to a dentist.

In some cases, they do so because they can’t afford proper treatment, but teens and young adults also attempt to fix the issue without help because they are self-conscious about seeking standard treatment options. The problem, however, is that at-home methods can cause a lot of damage that can cost thousands of dollars to reverse.

Gum Infection

By placing rubber bands and other items in their mouths to fix their teeth, young people are putting themselves at risk for infections. If the item used to pull the teeth together digs into the gums, it can cause open sores and allow infections to take place. Many teens will ignore the pain because they feel as though it’s a natural part of the process. When these infections take hold, they can destroy the roots and cause some of their teeth to fall out of their mouths permanently.

Root Damage

When someone makes a pair of braces, they don’t have access to the same equipment on which the professionals depend when it comes to proper placement. When they are not used correctly, these at-home devices can be placed too close to the roots, damaging them in the process. If parents can catch the problem soon enough, they might be able to prevent additional harm, but that is not always the case. People won’t always notice the threat until it’s too late to prevent the loss of teeth.

Roots Contacting Crowns

Teens and young adults often believe that they can use at-home teeth straigtening techniques because they don’t realize that they have even more teeth beneath the surface of the gums. Without an X-ray to map out the gums and mouth, people don’t have a way to prevent the crowns and roots from touching each other, and this situation can cause them to lose teeth. Those who attempt to use at-home methods will sometimes think that they are making progress, but the damage can show up before they know it.

Staying Safe

The only safe and reliable way to fix or straighten teeth is to visit a dentist who has the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. For those who don’t want to wear noticeable braces, using Invisalign is a smart move that won’t cause problems. Parents need to monitor their children and to maintain open communication, and doing so will work wonders to prevent these dangers.

When someone spots rubber bands or anything else around a child’s teeth, the person needs to take action right away. Speaking with teens and adults about the dangers of at-home methods will go a long way when it comes to keeping them out of harm’s way. They will then feel much more comfortable seeking the proper care of an experienced expert.[