Before And After Pictures

Before & After Photos

The following is a gallery of before and after views of various patients.  While some viewers might find these images disturbing, they illustrate the incredible dental transformations that occur each day with our patients. We welcome you to browse the work of our dentists and dental assistants and see why so many people trust their smiles to the professionals at Bucks County Smiles.

Karon – Replacement of old veneers, correcting “reverse smile line.”

John D – Correction of chipping and wear on front teeth due to bite problem.

John M – Malocclusion corrected with Invisalign & crowns and porcelain veneers.

Albert – Correction of severe wear and breakdown.

Kim L. — Instant Orthodontics, teeth straightening with porcelain veneers

Kim H. – Instant Orthodontics and bite correction with porcelain veneers

Kim C. – Minimal Prep Veneers to align teeth

Lisa – Restoration of worn teeth and bad bite.

Patty – Replacement and restoration of old crowns and decay.

Pam – Crowns and bridges.

Lauren – Closing spaces with bonding