A Dental Savings Plan That Will Make You Smile

How often do you go to the dentist? Research done by the Centers for Disease Control shows up to 45 percent of American adults aren’t going to the dentist for regularly scheduled cleanings and treatment. The biggest reason why a lot of people avoid going to the dentist is because of how high the cost is. In fact, it’s been estimated that about 68 million people are without dental coverage. Luckily, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not insurance. It’s a dental savings plan. Read on to learn how a dental savings plan can make you smile.

What is a dental savings plan?

A common misconception among people is that a dental savings plan is like dental insurance. While they are a bit similar, they are very different programs. To start, a dental savings plan is not insurance. Instead, they operate similar to a subscription to a wholesaler like BJ’s Wholesale Club. Instead of paying a monthly fee like insurance, you pay it annually. The average dental savings plan costs about $100 for a single person and $150 for an entire family. Again, these fees are paid annually.

What makes a dental savings plan different from dental insurance?

We mentioned how a dental savings plan and dental insurance are two different entities. You may be wondering “What exactly makes them different?” Here is what separates a dental savings plan and dental insurance: Signing up for dental insurance is a long process as you have to wait at least six months before specific dental procedures are covered. Depending on how fast it’s processed, you may have to wait up to a year to get maximum coverage. There’s usually a limit on the annual benefits that comes with dental insurance ranging from at least $1,000 to $1,500. The annual premium can only cover half of that at and if you require extensive dental work, the costs are going to far exceed this limit.

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